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Asia cup news are here Let us know the background of the Aisa Cup and the predicted Indian team for the Asia Cup 2022.

The Asia Cup was established in 1983 by the Asian Cricket Council that was founded to foster the cooperation between Asian nations. The headquarters of this council is located in UAE which is the reason why the first Asia Cup was played in Sharjah, UAE. The Asia cup announcement was accepted by all countries and a great game attitude is still in place to this day.

1984 India, Sri Lanka and Pakistan was the team who took part. India won the inaugural edition of the Asia Cup beating Sri Lanka and Pakistan. It was a Round-Robin one.

1986 India was not a participant in this tournament held within Sri Lanka due to deteriorating relations with Sri Lanka. It was then played with SL, Bangladesh, and Pakistan. Sri Lanka won the tournament beating Pakistan in the championship match.

1988: The event took place at the shores of Bangladesh and also. For the first time at least three teams took part. India beat Sri Lanka in the final.

1990 1990: This year’s Asia Cup was held in India but Pakistan was not a participant due to tensions between Pakistan and India in the moment. India took home the trophy by defeating Sri Lanka in the final.

1993 The event was abandoned because of the absence of relations between India and Pakistan.

1995 India beat Sri Lanka for the third time in succession to claim the Asia Cup held in Sharjah, UAE.

1997: The match took place in the Indian island Sri Lanka and the host nation beat India in the final game of the tournament.

2000: The event was played in Bangladesh as well. Pakistan became the very first country to be awarded the title following a win over Sri Lanka in the final.

2004: It was the first time, the UAE along with Hong Kong, took part in the tournament which was held on the island of Sri Lanka. Teams were divided in groups, for the very first time. Sri Lanka defeated India in the final to win their third consecutive championship.

2008 It was played in Pakistan It was a great success and witnessed Sri Lanka win its fourth title following a rout of India totally in the finals of the championship.

2010 2011: Only Pakistan, Bangladesh, India along with Sri Lanka participated in this tournament, which was held in Sri Lanka. In the final game, India defeated Sri Lanka to win the title five times.

2012. Pakistan took the title in this event for the second year in succession, beating Bangladesh during the last game in the final of the championship.

2014. Afghanistan took part for the first time at the Asia Cup. Sri Lanka won the tournament for the fifth time beating Pakistan.

2016: The tournament was held in T20I form for the first time since the first time it was introduced. India was the winner beating Bangladesh for the sixth time.

The 15-member Indian squad is expected to be present for the 2022 Asian Cup. Asia Cup 2022

India, Pakistan, and the Qualifier are all in Group A. Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka are in Group B. Teams from every category is able to get into the Super 4, and the two teams on top at the pile will be eligible for the finals. Finals will be held at Dubai in September 11. As for the other teams, India will be looking to defend their title and, while doing that, to improve their team’s performance since they will play at the T20 World Cup is set to be played between October and November of the coming months.

India is expected to field a 15-member squad for the 2022 Asia Cup:

1. Rohit Sharma

The team captain, as well as one of the most efficient white ball hitters in the last century. Rohit Sharma’s name is among the first names to be featured on the roster of India. He was also India’s captain during earlier editions, and in the absence of Virat Kohli.

2. KL Rahul

KL Rahul is one of the most important player for the Indian team. He is also captain of the side. KL Rahul plays an opener for all formats, and is believed to be among the best batters in T20Is. He scored 1,831 hits in 56 games, and had an average 40.68 as well as an average rate of 142.49 with 200 and 16 fifties.

3. Virat Kohli

Former India captain and one of the most successful batters of this generation Virat Kohli is set to return for another appearance during the Asia Cup after taking some time off. He has 99 T20Is , over 3,500 run. at least 50 runs per day runs in the bag. Virat Kohli is expected to become one of the best and influential players in this squad.

4. Rishabh Pant

Rishabh Pant has been establishing himself as a wicketkeeper who can play any format and bat player in the squad of Team India in recent times. Pant is expected to be the main wicketkeeper for India at least once more during the Asia Cup as he was in England and West Indies during the T20I series.

Pant is a natural as a ferocious batter who loves taking on top bowlers in every kind of situation. Pant typically plays some balls before the beginning of an innings before unleashing some of his attack strokes.

5. Suryakumar Yadav

One of the best players and top white ball batters of the world, Suryakumar Yadav will be one of the first names to be listed on the team sheet of India in 2022’s Asia Cup. In addition, he is India’s highest-ranked player in T20Is, and is second overall, just behind Babar Azam.

6. Deepak Hooda

The all-rounder, who has a phenomenal batting record during his brief time in the international scene, has proven to be inspiring, especially in the smallest format. He is known as the “hurricane due to his capacity to smash big and alter the pace of the game. He made his T20I debut during the game in the match against Sri Lanka in February in Lucknow.

7. Dinesh Karthik

One of the best finishers in the T20s and among India’s most talented players over the last four weeks, Dinesh Karthik has been an confident player in the Indian T20I squad. Karthik is also known for having the longest T20I record of any player from India who are currently playing cricket.

8. Hardik Pandya

This was IPL 2022 proved to be crucial in the life of another Indian superstar, Hardik Pandya, as it provided him with the opportunity to be an all-rounder and show his leadership skills and ability to manage the entire team. He was not just impressed by his leadership qualities, but also by leading Gujarat Titans (GT) to the top of the table in their first season but having one of his most successful seasons in the IPL.

9. Ravindra Jadeja

Ravindra Jadeja is yet another all-rounder that has depth and versatility across all fields. The Saurashtra cricketer is one of the most fit players in the team. He is known for his enthusiasm playing on the field. He is a skilled athlete with strength and grace regardless of the situation.

10. Harshal Patel

One of the most sought-after Indian bowlers, he can break alliances and provide breakthroughs after taking crucial wickets Harshal Patel. The right-arm pacer is a broad range of abilities and is able to bowl at any point in the game. He is also able to bowl using the powerplay in order to take early wickets or at the end of the game to reduce the amount of points scored.

11. Bhuvneshwar Kumar

The slim-speed bowler from Meerut who has a unique control over fresh fruits, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, is an integral member of Team India in the scheme of things. Bhuvneshwar Kumar is one of the best fast bowlers worldwide in T20 cricket, and is the top-ranked Indian bowler in T20Is.

12. Jasprit Bumrah

Jasprit Bumrah is believed to be the mainstay for his Indian bowling team. He is also among the most fearsome bowlers in the globe. Through his unique straight-arm technique He creates an unnatural angle that bounces off the ground and over batters with a tremendous speed and bounce.

13. Arshdeep Singh

One of India’s newest speed bowling superstars is 23-year old tall left-arm pacer from Punjab, Arshdeep Singh. After his outstanding performance in the IPL over the past few years, he managed to make his first appearance in the international arena on July 7, when the Indians was a part of England in the T20I opener.

14. Yuzvendra Chahal

One of the best white ballers of the world and among the top leg spinners across the world, Yuzvenndra Chahal was the most likely candidate to be the principal spinner specialist in India. He was dropped final season and wasn’t enough to make the T20 World Cup squad. But He’s been unstoppable since.

15. Ravi Bishnoi

One of the emerging stars in India in the spin field is the Jodhpur player Ravi Bishnoi. From being the most effective wicket-taker at during the World Cup for Under-19s in 2020, to the day when he was made an older player in the year following, is now a key player in India and is among the emerging potential players.

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