Cricket in India and its Popularity

Cricket is the second-most popular sport in the world. It was brought to India by the British, where it immediately gained popularity as a sport. Today, the most popular sport in India is cricket. Cricket is becoming more and more well-liked in the nation, and as a result, there is a substantial growth in the betting industry for the sport. The Indian subcontinent was ruled by the British through the East India Company in the past, which is the main cause that implied cricket’s popularity. As a result, cricket is regarded as a religion and the players are revered as gods.

Thus, to understand the reason behind the sport’s popularity, it is important to understand the history of the iconic sport. In this article, we will go through the glorious history of cricket in India. We will also discuss the popularity of the sport in the country and the reason behind it.

Roots of Cricket in India

Cricket was brought to India by the British. The East India Company’s sailors engaged in a game of cricket at Cambay, close to Baroda, in 1737. The Parsees of Bombay, the intellectual and westernized group of India, were among the first to begin playing cricket, and eventually, the game went to other communities including Hindus and Muslims. The Indian aristocracy also rapidly adopted the game. The establishment of the ‘Parsee Gymkhana’ for the sport is evidence of the development of play clubs based on religion.

While the British players used the game to forge relationships with their subjects, others used it as a means of hostility and contempt for Indians because they perceived India as a nation divided along racial, caste, and religious lines. First-class cricketers represented religions instead of the regions or teams they competed for. Even the British attempted to cash in on the concept of an “Indian cricket squad,” but they were unsuccessful due to conflicts between the various religious groups. Cricket was perceived as a slow poison that was being used to divide the masses by the Indian masses who were agitating for independence in 1947.

This is how Cricket formed its roots in India. Let us now have a look at the present scenarios of cricket in the country.

Cricket in Present India

In India, cricket is viewed as a religion. It’s hardly surprising that even children are familiar with the game. Millions of Indians watch each cricket to find out how it goes on television. This highlights how popular cricket is in India. When it comes to supporting their favorite sports team, people will do anything. Evening gambling is an excellent way for supporters to make money while cheering on their preferred team.

The ability to wager on tournaments only increases the sport’s appeal. It comes as no surprise that several individuals stake in cricket matches given the sport’s popularity. 

The reason behind Cricket’s Popularity in India

Not only in the elite matches in the stadiums but even on the streets, you’ll witness lots of kids playing gully cricket. It’s just something that brings Indians together more than anything else in this world. Here are a few of the many causes for Indians’ ardent passion and enjoyment of cricket. Let us explore the reasons behind cricket’s popularity in India.

In India, cricket does quite differently from other sports. There aren’t many stadiums in India that have FIFA accreditation. The country’s cricket-related infrastructure is incredibly helpful in promoting and expanding this sport’s fan base in India.

Cricket is a very straightforward sport by nature. A bat and just a ball can be used to play it with a minimum of two players. Not even a large space is necessary. People simply don’t get to view it because it may be played even on the busiest streets. They can fully engross themselves in it. 

Indians are strong and physically fit, which are qualities that enable them to play cricket professionally. Due to the lucrative nature of cricket in India, it might also make for the ideal job. They live a better life. This is why cricket is typically preferred by those who are thinking about making their sport into a career.

Thus, cricket made its way into India with a lauding history and today it has become the soul of the majority of sports lovers in the nation. With the various reasons behind its popularity discussed above cricket tends to be the favorite sport of India. 

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