Pakistan’s National T20 Cup: Batter Losses His Wicket in Odd Way

Pakistan’s National T20 Cup: It says that cricket is the most unpredictable sport as no one knows what could happen in a moment. It never fails to give immense joy to the fans. And sometimes it can leave everyone puzzled. The cricketers themselves have admitted that they experienced new things every time they walk onto the field. From both the point side’s point of view of a batter and bowler, a new thing comes up after one match.

But like other sports games, some rules and regulations surround this game. The authority has fixed the rules and changes them from time to time as per the need. The modes of dismissals have also some fixed rules. There are eleven legitimate ways that a batter can lose his wicket.

These are caught, bowled, leg before wicket, run out, and stumped are the most common ways of getting dismissed. The rest six modes are very rare cases like retired out, hitting the ball twice, obstructing the field, handling the ball, timed out, and hitting the wicket. In the latest rules update, the authority, MCC has put marketing in the run-out section.

Pakistan’s National T20 Cup: A Batter Loss His Wicket in A Puzzling Way

As discussed above there are eleven ways that a fielding team can dismiss a batter. Sometimes in rare scenarios, the batter losses his wickets without making any mistakes. There are several examples of instances where batters have unknowingly lost their wickets. In the same way, in a recent video on Twitter which was relating to Pakistan’s National T20 Cup.

In this video, we can see, that a batter lost his wicket while he went to retrieve his bat. The batter was trying to slog the ball but unfortunately loses grip on his bat. The willow of the bat flies a long way and falls behind the wicket where the wicketkeeper was keeping. Then the batter unknowingly left his leaves his stance place and goes to retrieve the grip.

Meanwhile, the fielding team runs him out. When the video got viral on social media people starts giving their opinions on this matter. Many of them found it unethical and against the spirit of gentle men’s game. While some found well justified as the batter should be aware of what is going on the field.

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