Rohit is sick of watching himself – Akram gets angry with Mayanti for her question about Team India

Pakistan defeated Mohammad Nabi’s side by one wicket in a high-octane thriller to reach the finals and knock Afghanistan out.

The fans didn’t take the defeat sportingly, and an ugly brawl broke out in the stands where the Afghani fans crossed all the limits and threw chairs at Pakistani supporters.

It was not the only instance where things became awkward. One such moment occurred between Wasim Akram and presenter Mayanti Langer during the pre-match show.

Before the match, famous presenter Mayanti asked Wasim about India’s performance and the problems they faced in the current edition. The question upset the former Pakistani captain as he felt the focus of the conversation should be on Pakistan and Afghanistan.

A video is doing rounds on the internet, where Wasim noticeably gets irritated about the question and passes it on to his fellow panelist Sanjay Manjrekar to answer.

Here is how the conversation followed.

Mayanti Langer: They lost a lot of wickets (referring to India), so you are not keeping wickets in hand. Are you going to continue with this in the World Cup?

Wasim Akram: All yours, Sanjay!

Mayanti Langer: No, Wasim, I want to hear what you want to say.

Wasim Akram: Rohit Sharma is probably sick of watching himself on TV. Two other teams are playing. I discussed India yesterday all day long. Today is Pakistan vs Afghanistan. That’s why I am saying, Sanjay, all yours.”

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