Twenty-20 and the Cricket Leagues

Cricket is the second-most popular sport in the world. The sport has over 2.5 billion fans all over the world. People not only love playing cricket but are also crazy about watching the sport. Thus we must be knowing about the different leagues of cricket. In this article, we will be discussing in detail the different cricket leagues including the Twenty-20 league. 

Twenty-20 League

Twenty-20 cricket leagues are among the most loved sports events for fans. The two teams each get one inning of play during a Twenty20 match, with a cap of 20 overs. Twenty20 cricket comprises one of the three current formats of the game that ICC or the International Cricket Council recognizes as being played at a high level, along with premiership and List-A cricket. Many franchise T20 leagues have popped up in the cricketing globe nowadays, so which one is the best Twenty20 league globally or the finest Twenty 20 cricket league in all? Fans are frequently faced with the choice of ranking the top T20 cricket leagues based on the most T20 prizes or the number of participating teams. The various Twenty 20 leagues are discussed below.

Indian Premier League

The IPL, which began in 2008, is undoubtedly the best T20 franchise league around the world. The IPL features the most contribute overall and has had the most iterations organized too far. The IPL is also awarding a sizable victory reward of USD 2,696.258, which is significantly higher than the Pakistan Super League which came in second. Matches typically start in the late afternoon or early evening to ensure that at least some of the games can be played at night beneath floodlights for international television broadcasts. Before the anticipated extension to 10 teams in 2011, league games began playing on a home-and-away pattern between the teams. However, this structure was amended such that some teams’ matches would only be played once.

Caribbean Premier League

A Twenty20 cricket competition called the Caribbean Premier League is held there each year. It was established in 2013 and took the position of the Caribbean T20 as the top Twenty 20 event in the region. The CPL is the sole cricket competition in the Caribbean that has positive reception from both spectators and athletes. Even Hollywood appears to be engaged in it, as seen by stars like Mark Wahlberg that have been observed cheering on West Indian cricket in this tournament. There are 6 teams in the CPL. Due to its popularity and enjoyment in the CPL T20, it is ranked fourth.

Big Bash League

The Big Bash League, formed in 2011, is the first franchise Twenty20 league in Australia. It is bigger than the PSL and has more foreign players, which gives the competition more vigor. However, because of its championship, it ranks third among all Twenty20 leagues around the world. The winning prize in the BBL is $450,000. Particularly in a nation where people seem to love and watch football intensely, the League has done fantastically in developing and generating future talent. The Twenty20 Blast league is being played there by 18 teams.

Pakistan Super League

Despite not being among the oldest Twenty20 leagues, Pakistan Super League offers the second-best reward behind the Indian Premier League for the team that wins. The PSL champion receives USD 505,000. PSL is also growing, and there are indications that the cash prize for the next PSL season will be significantly larger than what is currently available. The inaugural PSL did take place in 2016.

Masters Champions League

Retired professional cricketers compete in the Master’s Champions League (MCL), a T20 cricket league played in the UAE. The Gemini Arabians topped the season opener, which featured six teams, which took place in 2016. The MCL has been given a 10-year authorization from the Emirates Cricket Board, but it ran into issues before its first season regarding the status of “retired” foreign teams who were still under contract to many other domestic leagues and payment delays that nearly resulted in players quitting the contest in the middle of the season.

These cricket T20 leagues have become very popular and contribute a lot of entertainment for cricket lovers. 

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